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5 Things You Can Do With Quickbooks

Quickbooks for the desktop version has a lot of capabilities for keeping the financial side of your business organized and easy to manage.

Five of the features Quickbooks offers to help you stay on top of the financial health of your business are the following.

Sample Files:

Sample files in the software provide you with an option to practice editing files in its system without ruining a current company file. You can also review how files are supposed to be set up, so everything remains consistent.


Lists are a great way to keep everything sorted. In Quickbooks, you can use lists to organize the information you are entering. For instance, you can set up items for billing that will show up on your invoices. You can also set up classes to sort things on reports.

Create Invoices:

You can send invoices to customers and clients easily once your item list for billing is set up.


Reports allow you to see information about your finances. It also gives you good insight into how well your company is doing financially.


Payroll capabilities with the Quickbooks desktop version include having the ability to make direct deposits to employees' accounts, printing paychecks with pay stubs, and entering timesheets for hourly employees.

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