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Types of Sales Forms You Can Use with Quickbooks

Invoices, sales receipts, and statements are all the sales forms Quickbooks offers to help you provide financial documentation to your customers and clients.

Each one can be used for a different scenario to provide you with better records of the financial transactions going through your business and your customers with a better experience of providing them information on their purchase(s).

Sales receipts are going to be used when the customer pays you immediately for a product or service. Similar to when you go to a grocery store and receive a printed receipt for the products you purchased.

Invoices are another form of financial documentation you can provide a customer or client. These will be used when either a partial payment is made or when there wasn’t a payment made at the time of the sale. Invoices will then be due at a specified time that should be set by your business. For instance, after you do a service for an individual or company, you will provide them an invoice that states the payment is due within “X” amount of days of receiving the bill.

Finally, there are statements. Statements are best used for customers who are overdue on their payments. They can be used as a reminder to let your customers know that either the full or partial amount still needs to be paid.

Using sales forms correctly and consistently will help your business keep track of the transactions coming through and what you haven’t received. It will keep your books and records accurate and make finding missing transactions easier to find.

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